A series of illustrated tins for a hot chocolate brand
  • Date: 2nd December 2017
  • Client: Personal project
  • Services: Illustration | Packaging Design

Creating my dream project

After having worked with Ghost Brew I realised how much fun product packaging can be. Instead of waiting for another opportunity, I decided to create my own illustrated packaging for a made up brand. My keywords were: feminine, relaxed and modern – a product aimed at women who like to unwind with a cup of hot chocolate after a busy day. This is how the these tins came to life.


My idea was to show how drinking hot chocolate makes you feel. I came up with three flavours that would form a nice colour palette together and started exploring options. I sketched a grid of small thumbnails and filled it with various ideas. In the end I settled for raspberry – sweet and smooth – drifting through space, mint – refreshing – diving in the ocean and orange – uplifting – walking through a jungle.

Digital process

Most of my digital illustrations have lineart, so working with flat shapes and adding lines as accents was a new process for me. I enjoyed working this way and I feel like I was able to see results much quicker. Since I decided to go for simple shapes and flat colours, I used texture brushes to add a bit of depth and detail.

I've definitely enjoyed working on these tins and I'm happy with the final result. I'm sure I'll explore this style further and hopefully create more packaging projects in the future!
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