Be Kind to Yourself

A set of two self-motivational illustrations
  • Date: 29th November 2017
  • Client: Personal project
  • Services: Illustration

Idea behind the pieces

Both of these illustrations were created when I was going through a very difficult time. I did them to motivate myself, and also to hopefully motivate other people, who are going through rough times too.

‘Be kind to yourself’ is the one I made first. It’s about loving who you are as a person, both physically and mentally, and allowing yourself to take a break when needed. ‘You are stronger than you think’ is about having strength to tackle the challenges of everyday life. It’s meant to help you take that first step, and then keep on going until you reach your goal.

Initial concepts

While working on illustrations like these, I like to test a few different composition and pose options before I pick one that works best. To do it quickly I always start with pencil and paper. There’s no better place for experimentation than a sketchbook.

The process

When I’ve decided on composition, I usually take a picture or scan of the sketch and drop it into Photoshop to add more details to it. When I’m happy with the sketch, I then move onto lineart, and then finally add colours and small details, such as highlights or gradients.

Working on these pieces has been truly therapeutic for me. I was really happy when other people found them motivating as well! A5 prints of these two illustrations became the best selling product on my Etsy store.
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